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My New Blog – My Photo Phixation

I’ve decided to create a blog that just focuses on my photography.  It is just a hobby for me but it is something I enjoy a great deal.  I love to take pictures at interesting places and events.  I also take a lot of pictures of my cats, mainly because they are adorable.  I have a lot of saved photos to choose from and I plan on highlighting one every day or so.  I hope you enjoy these images.

Check out my new blog here:

My Photo Phixation

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♫ You Got To Know When To Hold ‘Em ♬…


This is too cute. :-D

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…and know when to fold ‘em!

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Behold Beauty


Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder
Beauty is in the eyes of God above
He created all of us in his image
He looks on us with grace and love

There are times we may feel ugly
Times we feel regret or defeat
Only in the arms of a loving God
Will we and the truth come to meet

Love yourself and one another
As God above would want you to do
And rest assured there is nothing greater
Than the love of God for you

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Daily Prompt – 6/16 – New Holiday?

Yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?

So I thought about this for a while and I kept thinking that no matter who I pick someone else will be offended.  Then it came to me!  I want a day for my cats!  They are family.  They are like children to us (the only ones we have right now) and I don’t know what I’d do without them.  My parents even refer to them as their “grandcats”.  So I would like to create National Cat Day… no, World Cat Day!  It can be a day when all cat mommies and daddies spoil their fur children more than normal.  Just like every other popular holiday it should include special food and presents… and lots of hugs.  Actually I hug my cats everyday, and so should you.  However I think World Cat Day should be a day to show all the non-cat lovers in the world: These are our cats; They are family; and there’s a pretty good chance that we like them more than we like you!

Happy World Cat Day!

2014-04-25 16.58.38


2014-04-09 20.58.13


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Letting Go


Often I wish I could just let go

Stop holding on for all control

Worry plagues me through the night

Yet still I hold on with all my might


God please take these worries from me

Let me be at peace and free

I want to give everything to you

Please just show me what to do


Help me know my place and way

And show I love you every day

Then I can run free throughout the land

Resting in Your loving hands



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Daily Prompt – 6/13

Is there a word or a phrase you use (or overuse) all the time, and are seemingly unable to get rid of? If not, what’s the one that drives you crazy when others use it?

I thought about this for a while.  I even asked my husband if he thought there was anything I overused, and he said no.  There is nothing that immediately pops out to me.  In contrast I could probably answer this question half a dozen times about my husband.  The one that drives me the most crazy is “in a few minutes”.  Everything in his life will happen “in a few minutes”.  Any time I ask a question that has to do with him doing something the answer is always “in a few minutes”.  Are you going to start dinner?  “In a few minutes”.  Did you feed the cats? “In a few minutes”.  Sometimes I have to ask multiple times and go through multiple rounds of “in a few minutes”.  It makes me crazy!  If I am asking you to do something it is more than likely that I want it done now.  What makes it worse is that he is never doing anything important that requires a few minutes.  Just do what I ask and you can go back to your games and tumblr and crap when you are done!  It probably seems like I am a little controlling, and maybe I am.  I just like to have things done and taken care of.  It makes sure stuff doesn’t get forgotten and it keeps my anxiety down… for a few minutes.

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Writing 101 – 6/4 – Feel the Music

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

I am a big fan of music.  I love to listen to many different kinds and I love to sing along (especially in the car).  There are many songs over the course of my life that have meaning to me in one way or another, so picking 3 may be hard.  Here goes:

1. “My Girl” by The Temptations – I was 13 when my dad and stepmom got married.  Of course they did the bride/father and groom/mother dances as is traditional.  However, my dad also added a dance with his daughter (me) and we danced to My Girl by The Temptations.  When I got married 18 years later, my dad and I danced to the same song at my wedding reception.

2. “American Pie” by Don McLean – This has always been one of my favorite songs.  I pride myself on the fact that I know all the lyrics.

3. “Hello My Name Is” by Matthew West – Lately I have been listening to a lot of contemporary Christian music, like the stuff heard on K-Love and sung in my church.  This song immediately become one of my favorites.  They lyrics are just so powerful and meaningful to me.


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Writing 101 – 6/3 – Return to Atlantis

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

This is an interesting question and I have a feeling that my answer would change from hour to hour, or even minute to minute, depending on my mood.  There are lots of places I would like to go, or like to be.

Looking out the window looking at rain makes me long to be somewhere warm and sunny.  My husband and I got married on a cruise ship traveling from Miami, FL to Nassau, the Bahamas.  The day after we were married the two of us got to spend the day at the Atlantis Resort on Nassau.  It was such an amazing day.  The resort is beautiful and has so many things to do.  The reason we were there was that my father-in-law asked what I wanted for a wedding present and I told him that I wanted to swim with the dolphins.  We had a shallow water dolphin encounter scheduled for that day.  In the morning we just wandered around the main building.  It has a huge aquarium that wraps through the whole thing and is full of beautiful fish and other sea life.

When it came time for our dolphin encounter we were put through a brief training and then divided into small groups.  We got to wade out into the water with one of the trainers to meet the dolphin.  It was so amazing.  We got to feed them and pet them and even give them a kiss.  The trainer had him do tricks and interact with all of us.  There was a photographer to take your picture with the dolphin as well.  I adore those pictures so much and will cherish them forever.

After the dolphin encounter we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around the water-park and riding the lazy river.  We just wanted to be together and relax before returning to the cruise ship.  Now every time I see a commercial on TV for Atlantis I recall that day and long to go back again.



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Writing 101 – 6/5 – Suffering A Loss – Part 1

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

I was a sophomore in college in Melbourne, FL.  Every year my grandparents took their RV to Florida for the winter.  While I was there they would stop and visit me before moving on to their final destination.  I was expecting them in the next day or so, to visit me and take me to dinner like they usually did.  Then I got a phone call from my aunt back in Massachusetts (where most of my family is).  She said that my grandfather had suffered a stroke and was currently in the hospital in pretty serious condition.  They managed to get my grandfather (and the RV) relocated to their usual destination near Bradenton, FL, so that my grandmother would have some support from their friends and family at the RV park.  My grandfather bounced back and forth from a hospital to a rehab center, sometimes making progress and sometimes slipping back.

My dad, aunt, and cousin flew down from Mass. to see him.  I gathered them at the airport and we headed over to the other side of the state where he was located.  He was at the rehab center when we went to visit him and he was sitting in the hallway when we got there.  The thing is, none of us recognized him.  He was so thin, and frail, and drooping on one side due to the stroke.  It wasn’t one of the most saddening things I have seen in my life.  My grandfather was always the healthy one in the family, watching what he ate and keeping tabs on his blood pressure.  This man was a mere shadow of the grandfather had known.  We sat and talked with him and tried to lift his spirits.  We even took him outside and managed to coax a semi-smile or two, but he wasn’t himself.  He couldn’t walk, could hardly talk, and all the personality that my grandfather had an abundance of seemed to have been stolen.

The next day I dropped my family at the airport so they could return home and I went back to school to prepare for class on Monday.  After returning from a morning class I had a voicemail from my aunt asking me to call her.  I knew why she was calling.  They thought my grandfather was improving, he was aware and talking quite a bit.  Shortly thereafter he passed away.  It was like the calm before the storm.  He died on February 19th, 2001.  Every year on the anniversary of his death I can’t help but marvel at how much time has passed.  I feel bad that my much younger brothers didn’t have as much time with him as I should and that my husband never got to meet him.  We have many fond memories of him and all the silly things he did, they can never be replaced.


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Blog Hop – 6/5 – Map It – Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago” Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

First let’s personalize it.

“For I am God’s masterpiece.  He has created me anew in Christ Jesus, so I can do the good things he planned for me long ago.”

The word I chose to focus on was “masterpiece”. Dictionary.com list the definition as so:

1. a person’s greatest piece of work, as in an art.
2. anything done with masterly skill: a masterpiece of improvisation.
3. a consummate example of skill or excellence of any kind: The chef’s cake was a masterpiece.

Other translations of this verse use words like “workmanship” (KJV) and “handiwork” (NIV).

While words like workmanship and handiwork are applicable, I don’t think they convey the same power as masterpiece.  To me masterpiece refers to something that is spectacular and amazing, something that the creator poured all of his or her skill into and is very proud of.  I believe that is exactly the message that God wants you to hear.  He made each and every one of us using all his love and skill.  He modeled us after his greatest masterpiece, Jesus Christ, and therefore we are all works of art as well.

This is how God wants us to see ourselves, as he sees us.  To him we are his pride and joy, and we were all made for a purpose that he envisioned for us long before we even came to be.  Many times we get caught up in our own doubts and fears and this keeps us from the purpose for which we were intended.  We need to trust in God’s craftsmanship and love and then we may all be able to be that which we were created to be.

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