Who Am I?

To start off I’d like to share a little about myself, because I want everyone to know exactly what they are getting into. I have a lot of opinions on many issues, but I don’t want anyone pushing me into some stereotypical role based on my gender or religious beliefs or political views. I don’t fit any of those views and I believe that I have the right to my opinions, and you have the right to yours. We may not always agree on everything, but there is nothing that says we have to. I am always open to hearing others ideas and viewpoints and having an intelligent discussion. The key words there are “intelligent discussion”. I will not tolerate ranting, bullying, or hate speech of any kind towards anyone, regardless of whether I agree with your opinion or not.

So, about me, I am a thirty-something female living in Massachusetts with my husband and two cats. I work as a Document Control Coordinator in the medical device industry. But that is just about where I am in my life and while it may have some bearing on my posts it doesn’t cover my views and beliefs. So here are some truths about me:

1. I am a female.

2. I am a Christian.

3. While I refuse to associate myself with any political party I would say my political views are significantly on the left.

4. I am a liberal.

5. I am a progressive.

6. I support equal rights for all.

7. I do not discriminate against race, religion, sexual preference or anything else.

8. I only discriminate against outright stupidity.

9. I am pro-choice, not for me personally but others should be able to make that decision. I do however advocate for adoption because there are so many that want children that cannot have them.

10. I am a sports fan! (this can be a problem for SOME in conjunction with #1)

That’s all I have right now. You will learn more about me as we go along and you see the stories I like to share and the views that I have on various topics. Feel free to ask questions, share your viewpoint, and start a discussion. Peace, love, and cats!



2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Great list. 🙂

    […] 8. I only discriminate against outright stupidity. …]

    Oh my there are plenty of people out there to discriminate against using this criteria. I’m convinced the 24/7 news channels and the Internet are sucking the common sense right out of our heads.

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