12 Reasons I love my cats

My cats are my children and I love them so much.  I thought I would share some of the reasons why, besides it gives me a reason to post super cute pictures of them (not that I really need a reason for that!).

  1. They are cats

    2013-09-07 10.14.07
    Janie and Jax
  2. They love me
  3. Jax likes to snuggle

    2013-09-15 13.31.46
    Me and My Snugglebuddy
  4. Janie likes to give kisses
  5. They are waiting for me when I get home
  6. They don’t get too mad when I go and volunteer with the kitties at the MSPCA

    2013-08-03 12.11.18
  7. They know when I am sick or sad and need love
  8. Janie can say “mama”

    2013-08-13 17.26.00
    Janie and Mama
  9. Jax loves moose

    2013-07-12 13.08.47
    Jax and his pal, Mr. Moose
  10. Sometimes Jax’s facial expressions remind me of Grumpy Cat
  11. Jax purrs really loud while Janie purrs really quiet
  12. Jax has a foot fetish

    2013-06-09 14.22.45
    I am a foot pillow…

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