9 Reasons I love the Boston Red Sox

Tomorrow is the last day of the regular season and I am so excited for the playoffs!  To celebrate I thought I would share some of the reasons I love the Boston Red Sox.  Please keep in mind this is not an all inclusive list! 🙂

  1. History

    Red Sox Retired Numbers
  2. Fenway Park

    Fenway at night
  3. Boston Strong Boston-Strong (1)
  4. Sweet Caroline

    Neil Diamond singing at Fenway Park
  5. Wally

    My husband and I with patriotic Wally, 7/4/2010
  6. 2004

    Red Sox Win!
  7. Salty 0802-Boston-Red-Sox-Jarrod-Saltalamacchia-courtesy-315-304
  8. My tattoo redsoxtat
  9. Team shirts (and hats and socks and sneakers and…)

    2013-08-17 16.47.13
    Yankees at Red Sox, 8/17/2013

One thought on “9 Reasons I love the Boston Red Sox

  1. Jon Lester, I am proud to say, graduated from my school in Tacoma WA. OH, and Avery Bradley of your Celtics also did! What a bond, huh? Thank you for following SWB.

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