Baseball Playoffs – Championship Series


NLCS – Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Season Series LAD 4 – STL 3

This series may just end up being a battle for the ages.  The Dodgers have been the hottest team in baseball, almost unbeatable, since June.  Meanwhile the Cardinals have been the slayer of many postseason dreams the past several years.  The first victim this year was the Pirates.  It often seems like the postseason Cards are a much crueler beast than the regular season ones.  In the end I think the Dodgers will still win this one out.  This is all part of my grand scheme of a Dodgers / BoSox Series.

Dodgers in 7
MLB: ALDS-Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays

ALCS – Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox

Season Series DET 4 – BOS 3

I actually was somewhat shocked to see that the Tigers won the season series between these two.  The only game that sticks in my mind was the last one, where the Sox won 20-4.  It was somewhat ridiculous.  I also remember that Lester beat Scherzer the night before in a much closer game which I think will be closer to the norm.  I think this series will be much more about pitching than hitting.  These teams are going to need to scratch out every run where they can.  The Tigers are a good team, but the Sox were the best in the AL and have the home field advantage and of course I can’t go against my team.  Fear the Beard!

Red Sox in 6


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