Baseball Playoffs – World Series

web-world-series-2013St. Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox

I could try to be unbiased about this, but why bother.  I am such a diehard Red Sox fan that I have a Sox tattoo and I am so excited that they are back in the World Series, and I don’t really care what everyone else thinks.  I knew from before the Red Sox hired Bobby Valentine that it was the wrong decision and I think the contrast from last year and this year shows that was correct.  This team has been so much fun to watch and I am probably going to go through withdrawl when this series is over.

The Cardinals and Red Sox did not play each other this year.  It’s hard to say whether the unfamiliarity between the teams will be an advantage or a disadvantage.  Both teams have good pitching and it is easy to see this as a low scoring series.  The Red Sox have home field advantage and it will be interesting to see how the St. Louis outfielders handle Fenway Park’s unique aspects and dimensions.  I think that this will be a very competitive series and while the Cardinals are known for killing dreams in the postseason I don’t think anything can stop the Sox this year.

Red Sox in 6


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