Turning 33 – A Work in Progress

33-ways-to-make-2013-your-best-year-yetSaturday is my birthday and I will be 33 years old.  I sort of thought at this advanced age I would be much more settled in pretty much every aspect of my life.  But as it turns out most areas are surrounded by turmoil and confusion.  I have plenty of education (a Bachelors and 2 Masters degrees) but I am still struggling to find my career path.  I’ve moved a lot over the past few years and have started to feel a bit like a nomad, always searching for a place to settle down and call home.  I don’t think that I want anything ridiculous or even out of the ordinary.  I want to be healthy, have a happy marriage, a good career, and a place I can call home.  It might be nice to have a kid or two someday (soon).  I want to make decisions about my life with confidence and not fear or regret.  My logical side knows that no one can really change any of these things except me, but often my emotional side wins out, making it difficult to move forward.  Not that I am giving up… I will do everything I can to make things better, for me, for my husband, for any children that I might have or adopt, for the family that has to put up with me as I am.  I want to be happy, I want to enjoy my life.  I am just, I guess, a work in progress.


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