Attitude Adjustment

On a recent trip to upstate New York I became acquainted with the radio station K-Love.  K-Love plays what they describe as “Positive, Encouraging Radio”, which consists of contemporary Christian artists.  During their day the also share encouraging stories and take listener calls.  It is broadcast to many cities all over the country, but nowhere near where I live, which is why I hadn’t heard of it until our trip to Albany.  Being from upstate NY my husband was more familiar with it and told me about it.  I left it on the radio in the car pretty much the entire time we were there, until we crossed back into Mass. and the signal began to fade.

Although we do not have a local affiliate I found I could listen to K-Love through their website and mobile app.  I found myself listening to it more and more often and downloading the songs I really like to my phone.  I created a playlist on my phone with all Christian songs and often listen to it during my commute.

This is where I began to notice the difference.  While listening to my Christian playlist during my commute I felt more peaceful, less stressed, less prone to get angry at other drivers.  I also started listening to K-Love online while at work and found that I felt less stressed and the day went by a little faster.  It’s amazing the difference I feel when listening to this as opposed to other music, news or podcasts.  While I still like to listen to audiobooks during work, I usually start the day with my playlist during my commute, and the K-Love morning show when I get to work.  I love the feeling of peace and happiness that I get when listening to this awesome music.  Try it!  See if it makes you feel better too! ❤


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