I realized that my blog is named “I Kiss My Cat on the Lips” but I hardly ever post about cats.  I wanted to dedicate a post each to my loves, Janie and Jax.  They are my children and I just love them to bits.

Jax is our boy.  He started as a foster cat in 2010.  In a little over a month only one couple came to see him and he was not the least bit interested in visiting with them.  I really just felt like he was meant to be with me.  So I asked the place I got him from if I could adopt him, and I did.  He’s been with us ever since.  They told us he was about 8 when we got him, so I guess that’d make him about 12 now.  He can be a grumpy old man sometimes, but he is also the most affection cat I have ever had and he loves to snuggle.  He also purrs REALLY loud. 🙂  Here are some pics of my best boy!

2014-04-26 14.06.20
Undercover Boss
2014-03-08 18.47.47
He sleeps in the funniest positions!
2014-04-18 16.51.00
Sometimes he sleeps with daddy
2014-04-20 19.00.47
Sometimes he chills with mommy
2014-03-31 19.09.52
… or snuggles…
2014-04-09 20.26.39
He likes to hide in bags (and boxes)
2014-04-12 20.28.43
He likes to check out the window, especially if it’s open
2014-04-25 16.58.38
Jax welcoming mommy home from work… by sitting on her
2014-04-10 19.53.43
More adorable sleeping



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