Janie is our girl.  We got here about a year after Jax because we thought he might like a friend.  Although they never became the best of friends, they tolerate each other… mostly.  We got Janie from the same organization that we got Jax from.  In 2011, when we got her, they said she was about 2, which would make her about 5 now.  The age difference between the two may be part of the reason they never became BFF’s.  I adore them both though and don’t know what I’d do without them.  Here are some pics of my little girl:

2014-04-09 20.58.13
Yes, I am the princess…
2014-03-25 17.50.33
and I sleep in cute positions just like Jax
2014-03-02 14.04.28
and I love my mama ❤
2014-04-26 13.52.41
This is about as close as we ever get…
2014-01-27 07.13.03
and that doesn’t mean we like it.

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