Writing 101 – 6/3 – Return to Atlantis

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

This is an interesting question and I have a feeling that my answer would change from hour to hour, or even minute to minute, depending on my mood.  There are lots of places I would like to go, or like to be.

Looking out the window looking at rain makes me long to be somewhere warm and sunny.  My husband and I got married on a cruise ship traveling from Miami, FL to Nassau, the Bahamas.  The day after we were married the two of us got to spend the day at the Atlantis Resort on Nassau.  It was such an amazing day.  The resort is beautiful and has so many things to do.  The reason we were there was that my father-in-law asked what I wanted for a wedding present and I told him that I wanted to swim with the dolphins.  We had a shallow water dolphin encounter scheduled for that day.  In the morning we just wandered around the main building.  It has a huge aquarium that wraps through the whole thing and is full of beautiful fish and other sea life.

When it came time for our dolphin encounter we were put through a brief training and then divided into small groups.  We got to wade out into the water with one of the trainers to meet the dolphin.  It was so amazing.  We got to feed them and pet them and even give them a kiss.  The trainer had him do tricks and interact with all of us.  There was a photographer to take your picture with the dolphin as well.  I adore those pictures so much and will cherish them forever.

After the dolphin encounter we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around the water-park and riding the lazy river.  We just wanted to be together and relax before returning to the cruise ship.  Now every time I see a commercial on TV for Atlantis I recall that day and long to go back again.




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