Ice Bucket Nay-sayers… You are missing the point!


Lately on Facebook I have seen this picture making the rounds.  There is something about it that just irks me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for donating to the charity of your choice, without any fanfare.  However, I think the people posting this picture are missing this point.  Read this paragraph from an article posted yesterday on The ALS Association website:

As of Wednesday, August 27, The ALS Association has received $94.3 million in donations compared to $2.7 million during the same time period last year (July 29 to August 27). These donations have come from existing donors and 2.1 million new donors. The ALS Association is tremendously thankful for all of the generous support and awareness that this summer phenomenon has generated for the cause.” (Read entire article here)

So tell me, while you are posting this picture and not participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge have you raised $94.3 million dollars?  Has your cause gotten as much attention as ALS has gotten the past few weeks?  This challenge was started by a gentlemen with ALS in Massachusetts that wanted to raise awareness for his disease.  Since then the Ice Bucket challenged has gone global and has been done by actors, athletes, and even former U.S. Presidents.  It’s not just about raising the money, which of course is great, but about raising awareness and knowledge of something that effects a lot of people.  If you don’t want to participate or want to go your own direction, that’s fine, but why come down on the people that wanted to be part of something big and important and have done it.  By posting this picture that says “I don’t tell anybody” you are essentially telling everyone.  Do your thing and let us do ours.



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