Product Review – Temptations Snacky Mouse

A couple weeks ago I received a Temptations Snacky Mouse free from Influenster.  I have 2 cats; Jax is a 13 year old orange kitty and Janie is a 5 year old gray tabby.  Jax is still rather confused by the whole thing, but Janie loves the Snacky Mouse.  She whacks it all over the place and always gets all the treats out.  Sometimes she even plays with the empty mouse (wishful thinking perhaps?).  I’ve tried to show Jax how it works, and he’s seen her use it, but he is either too lazy or too dense to get it.  I’m going with the former.  He is the king of the house and wants everything handed to him.  Maybe if I keep putting treats only in the Snack Mouse, he’ll eventually get the idea!  Overall it’s a great toy that the cats have a lot of fun with and I like to make them work a little for their treats.  I would definitely recommend it and buy it again anytime.  Thanks to Temptations and Influenster for sending us a free sample!  Check out some pics and a video of Janie and Jax checking things out.

2015-03-29 13.36.49


❤ Liz, Janie, and Jax


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