Why am I here? – Blogging 101 – 6/8/15

I don’t believe in re-doing something I already did well before.  When I first started my blog I wrote a post about exactly who I am and I still think it was really good.  If you would like to read that you can find it here: https://redsoxliz1980.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/who-am-i/.

That may have been written almost 2 years ago, but it still rings very true to me.

The second part of the question is “why I am here?”.  I always want to write more.  I always want to share more and interact with people more.  It seems like sometimes life just gets in the way and I can’t get myself in gear.  I am hoping that joining Blogging 101 and completing the assignments will help me to get in a rhythm of regular posting.

I am also participating in Photography 101 on my other blog, which is a photo-blog.  I consider myself an amateur photographer and I enjoy taking pictures.  You can check out that blog here: https://picturesbyliz.wordpress.com/.

I welcome your feedback, general comments, questions, and constructive criticism.


❤ Liz


3 thoughts on “Why am I here? – Blogging 101 – 6/8/15

  1. Hi, Liz. I’m Celia, blogging as Word Wacker, and I am happy to meet you. I love your cats–the photos look so warm and soft. I look forward to learning a lot about blogging over the next couple of weeks.

  2. Wow I read your previous post and I really enjoyed it. You write so well, and I found myself associating to a lot of what you said. Looking forward to what you write next.

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