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The Paw Project

What was something you once believe was true but now you know is false? How did you feel when you learned the facts?

I have always grown up with cats.  When I was a child I believed that declawing cats was not only safe, but a normal thing to do.  It wasn’t until I was older and started adopting my own cats that I found out how untrue this is.  This point was strongly reiterated last week when I watched a documentary called “The Paw Project”.  You can check out the trailer here:

As a cat lover, an animal lover, or just someone against cruelty to any creature, the reality of cat declawing is truly heartbreaking.  It doesn’t just remove the claw, but removes the first bone on each of the toes.  This would be equivalent to amputating the tips of all of your fingers.  Cats who are declawed can end up with severe infections, problems walking, and even behavioral issues.  It is truly a cruel act, all for the convenience of the owner.590_2d00_text_2d00_declawing_2d00_1_2d00_knuckles_2d00_cutJennifer Conrad is a vet that spent a large portion of her practice working with captive big cats in Hollywood; lions and tigers that were used for movies and tv.  She saw so many of them with issues from being declawed and started trying to repair their paws one by one.  While she could not give them back their claws there were procedures that could be performed to give them better function and better quality of life.  It was then the question came to her, if so many big cats are having these issues, how many domestic cats are there that have the same problem.  She created The Paw Project to raise awareness about what a cruel act declawing is and to try and get it banned across the county.  The Paw Project has managed to get declawing banned in several counties in California and is branching out to create legislation across the country.

Please, watch the trailer.  If you have access to Netflix or iTunes or the DVD in any way, please watch the documentary.  It is both heartbreaking and educational.  Do your own research about declawing and the legislation in your state.  You can make a difference.  I am currently looking into ways to create or support legislation for declawing in Massachusetts.

For more information click the picture below to go to The Paw Project’s website.

paw projectThank you for reading.

❤ Liz




Daily Prompt – 6/16 – New Holiday?

Yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?

So I thought about this for a while and I kept thinking that no matter who I pick someone else will be offended.  Then it came to me!  I want a day for my cats!  They are family.  They are like children to us (the only ones we have right now) and I don’t know what I’d do without them.  My parents even refer to them as their “grandcats”.  So I would like to create National Cat Day… no, World Cat Day!  It can be a day when all cat mommies and daddies spoil their fur children more than normal.  Just like every other popular holiday it should include special food and presents… and lots of hugs.  Actually I hug my cats everyday, and so should you.  However I think World Cat Day should be a day to show all the non-cat lovers in the world: These are our cats; They are family; and there’s a pretty good chance that we like them more than we like you!

Happy World Cat Day!

2014-04-25 16.58.38
2014-04-09 20.58.13


Janie is our girl.  We got here about a year after Jax because we thought he might like a friend.  Although they never became the best of friends, they tolerate each other… mostly.  We got Janie from the same organization that we got Jax from.  In 2011, when we got her, they said she was about 2, which would make her about 5 now.  The age difference between the two may be part of the reason they never became BFF’s.  I adore them both though and don’t know what I’d do without them.  Here are some pics of my little girl:

2014-04-09 20.58.13
Yes, I am the princess…
2014-03-25 17.50.33
and I sleep in cute positions just like Jax
2014-03-02 14.04.28
and I love my mama ❤
2014-04-26 13.52.41
This is about as close as we ever get…
2014-01-27 07.13.03
and that doesn’t mean we like it.


I realized that my blog is named “I Kiss My Cat on the Lips” but I hardly ever post about cats.  I wanted to dedicate a post each to my loves, Janie and Jax.  They are my children and I just love them to bits.

Jax is our boy.  He started as a foster cat in 2010.  In a little over a month only one couple came to see him and he was not the least bit interested in visiting with them.  I really just felt like he was meant to be with me.  So I asked the place I got him from if I could adopt him, and I did.  He’s been with us ever since.  They told us he was about 8 when we got him, so I guess that’d make him about 12 now.  He can be a grumpy old man sometimes, but he is also the most affection cat I have ever had and he loves to snuggle.  He also purrs REALLY loud. 🙂  Here are some pics of my best boy!

2014-04-26 14.06.20
Undercover Boss
2014-03-08 18.47.47
He sleeps in the funniest positions!
2014-04-18 16.51.00
Sometimes he sleeps with daddy
2014-04-20 19.00.47
Sometimes he chills with mommy
2014-03-31 19.09.52
… or snuggles…
2014-04-09 20.26.39
He likes to hide in bags (and boxes)
2014-04-12 20.28.43
He likes to check out the window, especially if it’s open
2014-04-25 16.58.38
Jax welcoming mommy home from work… by sitting on her
2014-04-10 19.53.43
More adorable sleeping


12 Reasons I love my cats

My cats are my children and I love them so much.  I thought I would share some of the reasons why, besides it gives me a reason to post super cute pictures of them (not that I really need a reason for that!).

  1. They are cats

    2013-09-07 10.14.07
    Janie and Jax
  2. They love me
  3. Jax likes to snuggle

    2013-09-15 13.31.46
    Me and My Snugglebuddy
  4. Janie likes to give kisses
  5. They are waiting for me when I get home
  6. They don’t get too mad when I go and volunteer with the kitties at the MSPCA

    2013-08-03 12.11.18
  7. They know when I am sick or sad and need love
  8. Janie can say “mama”

    2013-08-13 17.26.00
    Janie and Mama
  9. Jax loves moose

    2013-07-12 13.08.47
    Jax and his pal, Mr. Moose
  10. Sometimes Jax’s facial expressions remind me of Grumpy Cat
  11. Jax purrs really loud while Janie purrs really quiet
  12. Jax has a foot fetish

    2013-06-09 14.22.45
    I am a foot pillow…


I have recently begun volunteering at the MSPCA on Saturday mornings.  The position I applied for was originally titled “Cat Cuddler” although it has been changed to “Cat Caretaker”.  This makes me kind of sad.  Cat Cuddler is an awesome title to have.  As a Cat Caretaker I go in on Saturday morning and greet the kitties and help clean the adoption room, give the kitties fresh food, water, and litter, and wash the floors, etc.  I enjoy being able to visit with the kitties before the adoption center opens and give them some attention and love.  I am also very happy to get the adoption center cleaned up in the hopes that when people do come in they can focus on the cats and hopefully find one they want to take to their forever home.

This past Saturday, after completing my cleanup duties, I decided to spend a little time with one of the adoption room residents, Precious.  She has been at the MSPCA since January due to some issues that she came in with.  Precious came to the MSPCA because her owner could no longer take care of her and she had a bad flea problem.  Although the fleas are now gone she still hasn’t stopped scratching herself.  To combat the scratching the folks at the adoption center started dressing her in adorable little sweaters.  She doesn’t mind at all and it keeps her from scratching.  They don’t know whether the scratching will stop or whether she will always have to wear the shirts, but either way she is pretty cute.

I spent a little while in her room with Precious while the new volunteers were washing the main floor.  She is so super sweet.  After checking out what was going on in the outside room she climbed right in my lap to check me out.  Precious was eager for pets and even gave me kisses.  I have posted a couple pics below that I snapped while I was sitting withe her so you can see how sweet she is.  I wish I could take her home, but unfortunately we already have 2 furkids of our own and Precious doesn’t seem to like other kitties.  I’m hoping some loving soul will see this and open their heart to her.  Is it you?

2013-09-21 09.59.232013-09-21 09.59.46










If you would like to find out more about Precious please go to this link: