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Coming Soon!

Finally BlogHer and NaBloPoMo have a monthly topic I think I can really get into.  The topic for August is “Know”.  There is a month’s worth of prompts having to do with what you know, what you don’t know, what you wish you knew.  I am excited to get started and have already started working on my first post.  Look out for what you need to KNOW, starting Monday!

❤ Liz


Great message from my friend Donna Spencer Collins

WE Rise

images (1)Many people would say, that’s the day people go to church and come out with black smudges on their forehead or hand.   But they only know what they see; they do not know the why and the reason.  Unfortunately, many Christians do it because they are supposed to do it without knowing its meaning and purpose.  Nevertheless, for all who come, the simple act of coming and receiving the imposition of ashes is an act of faith.  It is not a symbol of humiliation or punishment but a revelation. I believe when one intentionally carves out a portion of their day, and engages in this act of worship, they are expressing a desire to be in relationship with God with the hope God’s desire is to be in relationship with them.

Ash Wednesday begins the forty days of Lent which symbolize the 40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness; overcoming…

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Autumn Smells – NaBloPoMo – 10/3/14

Which smell lets you know that it is autumn?




There are so many good smells that come with autumn, most of which are associated with food.  Whether it is the Thanksgiving turkey, a pumpkin pie, or a mug of hot apple cider, everything smells delicious.  Another autumn smell that I particularly enjoy is the smell of fall air.  The air just smells different in the autumn.  It’s that cool, crisp smell that you missed all summer.  I also really love the smell of burning wood, like that which comes from people starting to use their fireplaces as the temperatures continue to drop.  Autumn might be my favorite time of year… winter, not so much.