My Bucket List

Sometimes I see things, on TV or in the news, and I am like “man, I really need to do that”.  So I have decided to start a bucket list, here, and update it when new ideas come to mind.  What’s on your bucket list?

  • Sit in the audience of a talk show
  • Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.
  • Visit a LegoLand
  • Take a cruise to the Canadian Maritime
  • Go to a Stanley Cup Final Game
  • Go to a World Series Game
  • Get a dog
  • Have giant walk-in closets
  • Learn to fly
  • Visit as many MLB Ballparks as possible (So far have visited Boston, Baltimore, NY Mets, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington, DC)
  • Have a jacuzzi bathtub, or hot tub, or both
  • Meet Tom Hiddleston
  • Go to ComicCon in San Diego
  • Go to ComicCon in NY

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