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MSPCA Walk for Animals

Animal Welfare is one of the causes that is nearest and dearest to my heart.  Our cats have brought us so much love and joy.  They are not just pets, they are my children.  We currently have 2 rescue cats that we got from an organization in the Washington, DC area when we were living there.  As I much as I would like to adopt more animals and give them a forever home that is not feasible at the time.  So I try to find other ways to help out local organizations that save and care for animals and try to find them forever homes.

One of the biggest organizations in my current area is the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA).  On September 26th, 2015 my husband and I will be participating in the MSPCA’s Walk for Animals at the Boston Commons.  The money raised will help the MSPCA care for and board many animals until they can find a loving home.  If you would like join us in helping animals please click the picture below to go to our team site.  Here you can donate to the cause.  If you are local to our area and would like to join the team and walk with us, please let me know.  The animals thank you, and so do I.

❤ Liz

Join us in helping animals!

New Year’s Resolutions?

new-years-resolution-be-more-awesomeI am not usually one for New Year’s resolution.  It seems like just a way to let yourself down.  However I really want to make some changes in my life, and the new year seems like the perfect time to do so…

So here are some things I am hoping to start… and stick to in 2014.

  1. Go to the gym, 3-5 times per week
  2. Read the Bible, everyday
  3. Pray, everyday
  4. Finish the craft projects that I have started and stalled on
  5. Read at least 1 book per month
  6. Post to my blog at least twice a week
  7. Start a journal
  8. Write poetry
  9. Find a job in Regulatory Affairs
  10. Return to volunteering at the MSPCA

Check back here for updates on how these endeavors are going!

12 Reasons I love my cats

My cats are my children and I love them so much.  I thought I would share some of the reasons why, besides it gives me a reason to post super cute pictures of them (not that I really need a reason for that!).

  1. They are cats

    2013-09-07 10.14.07
    Janie and Jax
  2. They love me
  3. Jax likes to snuggle

    2013-09-15 13.31.46
    Me and My Snugglebuddy
  4. Janie likes to give kisses
  5. They are waiting for me when I get home
  6. They don’t get too mad when I go and volunteer with the kitties at the MSPCA

    2013-08-03 12.11.18
  7. They know when I am sick or sad and need love
  8. Janie can say “mama”

    2013-08-13 17.26.00
    Janie and Mama
  9. Jax loves moose

    2013-07-12 13.08.47
    Jax and his pal, Mr. Moose
  10. Sometimes Jax’s facial expressions remind me of Grumpy Cat
  11. Jax purrs really loud while Janie purrs really quiet
  12. Jax has a foot fetish

    2013-06-09 14.22.45
    I am a foot pillow…


I have recently begun volunteering at the MSPCA on Saturday mornings.  The position I applied for was originally titled “Cat Cuddler” although it has been changed to “Cat Caretaker”.  This makes me kind of sad.  Cat Cuddler is an awesome title to have.  As a Cat Caretaker I go in on Saturday morning and greet the kitties and help clean the adoption room, give the kitties fresh food, water, and litter, and wash the floors, etc.  I enjoy being able to visit with the kitties before the adoption center opens and give them some attention and love.  I am also very happy to get the adoption center cleaned up in the hopes that when people do come in they can focus on the cats and hopefully find one they want to take to their forever home.

This past Saturday, after completing my cleanup duties, I decided to spend a little time with one of the adoption room residents, Precious.  She has been at the MSPCA since January due to some issues that she came in with.  Precious came to the MSPCA because her owner could no longer take care of her and she had a bad flea problem.  Although the fleas are now gone she still hasn’t stopped scratching herself.  To combat the scratching the folks at the adoption center started dressing her in adorable little sweaters.  She doesn’t mind at all and it keeps her from scratching.  They don’t know whether the scratching will stop or whether she will always have to wear the shirts, but either way she is pretty cute.

I spent a little while in her room with Precious while the new volunteers were washing the main floor.  She is so super sweet.  After checking out what was going on in the outside room she climbed right in my lap to check me out.  Precious was eager for pets and even gave me kisses.  I have posted a couple pics below that I snapped while I was sitting withe her so you can see how sweet she is.  I wish I could take her home, but unfortunately we already have 2 furkids of our own and Precious doesn’t seem to like other kitties.  I’m hoping some loving soul will see this and open their heart to her.  Is it you?

2013-09-21 09.59.232013-09-21 09.59.46










If you would like to find out more about Precious please go to this link: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/27356676.